Long Story Short

I haven’t updated in a while. I’m doing quite well but I’ve been busy and a lot has happened! Let’s go to the bullets.

  • I left Mexico 10 days earlier than expected. I didn’t make it to Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta. Due to some drug cartel violence and blockades around Guadalajara, I decided to cut my trip short and head home. I think I was pretty much ready at that point anyway.
  • I stopped in Los Angeles on the way to visit friends.
  • I flew home!
  • I started applying for jobs while I was still in Mexico. I lined up a few interviews pretty quickly, including one a few hours after my flight got in.
  • One of those interviews worked out and as of a week ago, I am back among the employed.
  • I bought a nice used car.
  • I am enjoying the amenities of Northern California: great wine, cheese, every kind of cuisine, and my own bed.

I would like to get back to this blog eventually and write about something other than hostels and bus rides but for now, I’m letting myself relax. I hope everyone out there (all five of you who read this) is having a nice day as well.



Tulum was a place I thought I’d love and while I’m enjoying it, I’m not planning on searching for an apartment and staying a while. Which is good, because I think I already mentioned winding this trip down. That’s official now: I have a flight home booked. But I still have some time left in Mexico and a few more places to explore.

First, let’s review Tulum.



Friends in Playa Places


Once again, I didn’t have the best of times in D.F. I arrived Easter weekend when most places in my neighborhood were closed down. It was nearly impossible to find a taco for two days. I did enjoy one afternoon strolling around La Condesa and treating myself to a nice cup of tea and a good glass of wine. However, my hostel was not very relaxing and thanks to a snorer in my room (who also left the window open, letting bugs in to bite me), I got about two hours of sleep the night before my flight to Cancun. I was already eager to get to the Yucatan; I also couldn’t wait to get out of D.F.

Not only was I excited for beach time and getting to dig my bathing suits out from the bottom of my backpack, I was looking forward to reuniting with some of my favorite people I’ve met during this trip: Ken and Martha.


Ken is carrying my backpack for me, mostly because he’s nice and helpful but also because it matched his shorts.