Sex and the City Rewatch: Pilot

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Hello, friends! Remember Sex and the City? I was a senior in high school when I took home the first season on VHS(!) from the video store I worked at. At the time, I felt unbearably sophisticated. I mean, I could hardly say the word “sex” out loud without giggling. But in the privacy of my girlhood bedroom, I pretended like I could relate to these beautiful women in expensive footwear and their array of boyfriends.

I haven’t watched Sex and the City all the way through since the series wrapped while I was in college. Now that I’m about the age of the characters at the start of the show, I thought it would be fun to revisit those four New Yorkers (and New York itself–it’s like the fifth character, y’all!)

Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1998 because it’s time for the pilot episode.

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Beep beep tutu.


Pop Culture Moment I Want to Live In: Love


The Netflix series Love is about complicated characters in complicated relationships and their complicated problems. But when life gets complicated, sometimes you just have to stop and make up theme songs for movies that don’t have theme songs. With your weird neighbors. Aided by beer. And a little pot.

A scene in the first season episode “Party in the Hills” featuring main character Gus (played by Paul Rust, also the show’s co-creator) leading the improvised singalong delighted me so much, particularly because it came as somewhat a surprise. When Gus starts thumbing through his DVD selection, one assumes he and his friends were simply picking something out for movie night. They settle on The Perfect Storm. Then Cori (Charlyne Li) strums her guitar and suddenly, this is no ordinary movie night. Why watch it when coming up with a rhyme for “Marky Mark” is so much more entertaining? Their resulting theme song is ridiculous, catchy, and weirdly fitting for a dramatic disaster flick.

It’s so pointless and so fun. I lived in an arts-themed dormitory my freshman year of college and all day I was surrounded by musical theatre majors practicing audition songs at the piano downstairs, dancers rehearsing in front of the wall-length mirror upstairs and visual art students painting on the patio. Occasionally we’d band together and transform the entire building into a haunted house for Halloween or start a housing unit-wide dance party by bringing drums and percussion instruments onto the balcony. Being around creative nerds is a blast and if any of my friends want to make up ditties for the rest of George Clooney’s filmography, I am so down.

“Say goodbye to Amal…Alamuddiiiiiiiiiin!”